Raspberry Sassafras: The Famous Flying Cow

Book Excerpt

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Just then the phone began to ring. “I’ll get it,” Jane said, jumping up and hurrying to the phone. She assumed it would be one of her friends from school who had seen the news about Raspberry. “Hello?” she said, and then listened for a few moments before saying, “No,” “No,” “Yes, I’m sure,” and finally “Fine, I’ll ask her.”

“Raspberry,” she said, “There’s a man in Texas with a big ranch who’d like to buy you for a million dollars.”

“No thank you,” said Raspberry.

“She’s not interested,” Jane told the man on the phone. He kept offering more and more money until Raspberry took the phone from Jane’s hand.

“Look mister,” Raspberry said. “I’m not for sale. Not for any price. Good bye!” And she hung up before the man could say anything else.

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But he wasn’t the only one to call with outlandish offers and requests. Scientists called who wanted to conduct experiments on Raspberry Sassafras; promoters wanted to take her on cross-country tours of county fairs; zoos wanted to build special habitats in which to exhibit her and someone even wanted her to star in a movie about her own life.