Raspberry Sassafras: I Am A Cow

Book Excerpt

“What’s that?” Raspberry asked. “A dog farm?”

“No,” Jane told her. “It’s a dog park. It’s where people bring their dogs to play off their leashes.”

“That sounds fun,” Raspberry said. “Can we go play with them?”

The dogs she’d encountered in the city had all been leashed and it seemed their people generally used the leash to pull the dogs away from meeting her rather than leading them to a greeting. Jane had explained that city people were typically busy people and probably didn’t have time for their dogs to meet anyone on their walks. But Raspberry was still a bit disappointed that she didn’t have any dog friends in the city yet.

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Jane and Raspberry walked over to the dog park and got a few curious looks as they entered the fenced area. Undoubtedly some people were wondering what a cow was doing in the middle of a crowded city, while others were likely trying to guess what breed the strange-looking, big, spotted dog was.

Once inside, Jane sat on a bench under a big, shady tree, while Raspberry approached a group of dogs who were taking turns sniffing something on the ground.

“Hi,” she said. “I’m Raspberry. What are you smelling?”

The dogs turned to look at her, heads cocked, saying nothing. Raspberry knew from the farm that dogs didn’t talk (at least not in any language she understood), but then realized that being city dogs, they probably weren’t used to hearing cows talk.

“Um … I mean, moo,” Raspberry said.

The dogs stared for a few moments more before trotting off as a pack.