Raspberry Sassafras

Book Excerpt

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She knew that Kevin, the man in the uniform who stood outside of the apartment building and said “hello” and “how are you?” and “let me help you with that,” was certainly nice. Jane said he was a door man, but to Raspberry he just looked like a regular man. But it didn’t matter what kind of man he was; what mattered was that he never forgot to give her a good scratch behind her left ear, which was the best place of all to be scratched.


While grass was still her favorite food, Raspberry learned that the city had an endless variety of new and delicious foods to try. She thought ice cream and noodles and potato chips were among the best. She was very excited the first time she saw a flower restaurant, but only managed to have a few bites before Jane stopped her and explained that in the city flowers were to be given as gifts and not to be eaten. Raspberry laughed when Jane told her this, and thought that people could be awfully silly sometimes.