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Storytellers Needed

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Do you know a writer of stories? A teller of tales?

Raspberry Sassafras will be featuring the stories and poetry of writers from pre-school through high school, in a new feature called Storytellers and we’re looking for submissions.

I’ve always loved writing and am lucky enough to have a family who encouraged me. Operating under the loving delusions that only the pride of a mother for her child can trigger, my mom would ship my little books and stories off to major publishing houses knowing that this time someone would recognize her child’s genius (they never did).

So, following my mom’s lead, we want to recognize and encourage all the budding geniuses out there and invite you to submit an original work to be featured on Storytellers. This isn’t a contest, it’s completely free and no one will be turned away. Contact us for the particulars and submission guidelines, and we look forward to reading some amazing work.

2 thoughts on “Storytellers Needed”

  1. I love your mom!!! It’s so great when someone believes in you–esp. if it’s your mom.

    Thank you for becoming like your mom, too–recognizing and encouraging “all the budding geniuses out there.”

    I appreciate everything about this post.


    1. Thanks Melisa! My mom is indeed an amazing woman and, decades later, she’s still my greatest champion. I don’t think it matters how old we are, we always want our parents to be proud of us, and it still gives me the warm fuzzies when she gives one of my stories the thumbs-up.
      Thank you for your comment and your kind words …


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