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Better Writer Than Illustrator

03 Naked Eye
Nope, I still don’t see your artistic talent.

Great news! The final (I hope) draft of the fourth book in the Raspberry Sassafras series is complete! But as the hardest part of getting old is losing the ability to put on your underwear without falling over, for me the hardest part of writing is the illustrations.

The reality is, at best, I’m a decent doodler. Although my illustrations are uncomplicated — few details, no blending or shadowing and little regard for proportion and perspective, I spend far more time drawing (and erasing) than writing. And if you’ve seen my illustrations, you’ll understand why it’s ironic that the reason I put so much effort into the pictures is my tendency toward perfectionism.

I’ve got twenty-plus to complete and have only finished two so far, including the one above. Consider it a little teaser for the next book. I’ll also be posting a few snippets of the story in the days to come, and will award a free signed copy of the book to the first person who can guess what the story is about. So keep track of the pics and posts and maybe you’ll get lucky and receive this valuable collector’s item that I’m sure will be worth big money after I become a rich and famous author.

* * * * *

And as long as I’ve got your attention, don’t forget about our new feature Storytellers. All young writers up to high school age are welcome to submit their work. It’s free and it’s not a contest, all writings will be posted.

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