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Raspberry Reads Orangutan: A Day in the Forest Canopy

naomi's cover August 19Today we find Raspberry Sassafras living vicariously through the pages of Orangutan: A Day in the Rainforest Canopy. For though she longs to swing through the trees like a proper primate, sadly, Raspberry lacks the necessary opposable thumb.

Orangutan is a picture book for kids up to age 8 and covers a day in the Borneo rainforest with a little orangutan and his mother.  It chronicles his narrow escapes from predators, how he finds food, his curiosity as he explores his surroundings and the things he learns from his mother and his experiences.

The book comes to us from Rita Goldner, who also produces the newsletter Orangutans and More, which is about (you guessed it) orangutans and more! Orangutan: A Day in the Rainforest Canopy is available with Rita’s autograph at Rita Goldner Books, or you can get your copy without an autograph from Amazon.

0000 changing hands cropped hi-resRita Goldner wrote and illustrated Orangutan: A Day In The Rainforest Canopy, and hopes her book will help raise awareness of the critically-endangered orangutans in the wild. She first became passionate about orangutans and their threatened extinction while sketching them at the Phoenix Zoo. She embarked on months of research, writing and illustrating the book, which is earning praise from professionals in the endangered species field and from educators.

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