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Raspberry Reads A Walk Up Kinder Scout & Fun in Formby

After two days of two cats, today Raspberry Sassafras is excited to be reading two picture books about one dog named Breezie Boo, written by the dog’s Mummy, Kate Robinson.

Breezie Boo _ A Walk up Kinder Scout_COVERIn the first book, A Walk up Kinder Scout, Breezie Boo, the beagle, who loves to go on adventures,  dreams of her favorite place to visit whilst her Mummy is busy baking in the kitchen. Today she is dreaming about going for a walk up Kinder Scout. It’s a long walk, through different kinds of countryside, but Breezie is ready for the long hike. You may feel like you’ve been up Kinder Scout too when you read her story and join Breezie Boo on her doggy adventure.

Breezie Boo _ Fun in Formby_COVERIn the second book, Fun in Formby, Breezie is again dreaming of adventure whilst her Mummy bakes her a special treat, and this time Breezie Boo is dreaming of going to the beach. Formby is one of her favorite places to run in the sand, but before she reaches the beach she must walk through the beautiful forest. Fun in Formby will teach readers about all the different things they can do there and what they might see when they join Breezie Boo on her fascinating journey.

A Walk up Kinder Scout and Fun in Formby are both picture books for children up to ages 8 or 9 and available on Amazon as eBooks or paperbacks. They are also available in a new magazine called Everyday People Books, which is going out to schools across the UK.

Kate Robinson writes … Breezie Boo is my Beagle and she is actually called Brienne, but we never call her that. She is generally called either Brie or Breezie Boo and she is my inspiration. When we first got her, we hoped she might distract my son from his severe anxiety disorder, and boy did she help! My husband and I absolutely adore her, and she is the funniest, sweetest, nuttiest dog we know. We laugh at her antics every day, and she is loved by all who meet her. I struggle with many medical conditions and having Brie to walk, really does help keep me fit and as healthy as I can be. My Mum is an author of adult novels and she has always tried to get me to write. One day I was thinking about our recent walk up Kinder Scout and how so many people and children don’t know what beautiful countryside is on their doorstep. I realised that if I described the walk, as if Brie was doing it, children might find it really interesting and it may even encourage them to go on a hike and explore. I also decided that I wanted to use actual photos of Breezie Boo herself, which is how the illustrations came about. We put an action camera on Brie when we are out walking, and I added the link to the walks at the end of each book. I liked the idea of the kids being able to see Breezie Boo on the walk they have just read about. I have three books, so far, in the series. However, I have plans for so many more!

Want your children’s book featured on Raspberry Reads? Tell us about it!

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