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Raspberry Reads Zygi’s Beans

ZB-ProfilePic_2018-0117-FBWith the abundance of methane produced by cows long being everything from the butt of jokes to a suspected culprit in climate change, Raspberry Sassafras raises a hoof in gassy solidarity with Zygi and her legume … ahem … issues in Zygi’s Beans, written by Dustin Corkery and illustrated by Demitrios Alexandre Liollio.

If you’re a fan of Calvin and Hobbes or Captain Underpants, then Zygi’s Beans could be the book for you. A children’s book for all ages, Zygi’s Beans chronicles the journey of a young girl who embarks on an incredible celestial adventure.

After Zygi’s brothers pull a sneaky move and get her to eat some beans, a food to which she is ferociously sensitive, she is rocketed through the roof of her house and into outer space. Flying out of control towards a black hole, Zygi is spotted by a little alien girl, Rose, who takes matters into her own hands and attempts to save her. Zygi’s Beans explores themes of family, friendship and courage in the face of the darkest mysteries in our universe.

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Dustin Corkery was born and raised on the Canadian Prairies. When not writing about toilets, one might find Dustin in a classroom discussing them with his students. Aside from teaching, Dustin finds purpose in studying lavatories and latrines around the globe. His relentless pursuit has led him on numerous expeditions of a dubious nature. After rowing down the Ganges River in India and driving an auto-rickshaw across South America, Dustin feels like it is almost time to move on and grow up…almost.

Demetrios Alexandre Liollio is pretty sure he’s been drawing since before he was able to walk. Once he got the walking thing down, he graduated from North Carolina State University with a bachelor’s in graphic design. After realizing the ad world wasn’t for him, he left his hometown of Charleston, SC to go on a six-year adventure teaching English and traveling in Southeast Asia. When he’s not drawing or pondering what’s inside a black hole, you can find him lost inside of another vortex: his Chinese dictionary.

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