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Raspberry Reads Pizza Woman

51gtAZPdRcLThere once was a woman named Lisa,
And she could never find peace,
She was a woman whose head was a pizza,
And her body was made out of cheese…

And so begins the tale of Pizza Woman by Gareth Barsby, a book that Raspberry is thoroughly enjoying, even if it does make her a bit hungry. And that is half of Lisa’s dilemma … born with a pizza for a head, she can’t go outside without someone either mocking her or trying to eat her. So she spends most of her time alone in her home, pondering on her loneliness and how she came to be. Thankfully, she makes a new friend, just as unusual as she, who encourages her talents.

This humorous poem turned picture book was also illustrated by Barsby and is available on Amazon. Raspberry also suggests that you stop by the author’s website to meet Helen, the cake making cow, because bovine poetry! It’s udderly fantastic!

Want your children’s book featured on Raspberry Reads? Tell us about it!

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