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I’m Ready For My Close-Up …

rcr-logo-new-feb05-2018I find that the more time I spend writing and illustrating the Raspberry books, marketing them, talking about them, etc., the more attached I grow to Raspberry and Jane. They’re not just some stories that I tell and pictures that I draw, I care about my characters and who they’re affiliated with. Which is why I was so excited earlier today when I had the great pleasure of meeting with the good people at Red Clover Reader.

If you’re not familiar with Red Clover Reader, they are “on a mission to share innovative ways to help all families raise happier, healthier and more successful kids on budget.” They are committed to “connecting real and passionate children’s literature authors with lovely parents/ kids to enable a smoother early childhood development through practical learning and fun.” So it gave me all the good feels to have Raspberry Sassafras listed among the other books and authors on the Red Clover site.

Fortunately, for my tens of followers who’ve been clamoring to know more about the woman behind the cow, this auspicious meeting was captured by the magic of video conferencing. The mask is peeled away, a mystery no more, I reveal myself in this in-depth and insightful interview. But don’t worry that this sudden fame, and being catapulted onto the small screen, will change me. I vow to remain your humble writer and Keeper of the Sass, despite the mob scene of fans and paparazzi that is sure to erupt where ever I go. Ah fame, you are a cruel mistress …

Many thanks to Melanie Keil and Armand Tossou for arranging this meeting and allowing me to associate myself and my books with their wonderful organization. I encourage everyone to pop over to Red Clover Reader and get to know about them and the good work they do. Whether you’re a parent or an author or an artist, Red Clover Reader has something to offer you, and it’s something you can feel good about.

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