Feature Img ABOUTRaspberry Sassafras is a cow who spent the early years of her life living quietly on a farm, as cows are apt to do. However, when presented with the opportunity to move to the big city, she took it and now lives with her friend Jane and her parents in their luxury high-rise apartment. Raspberry enjoys exploring her new home and its many parks, and is considered quite the discerning grassie (the bovine equivalent of a fooodie). She likes adventures of all kinds, dogs, meeting new friends, and most of all, spending time with her bestie, Jane.

SCBWI Member-badgesAllison Holland lives in Southern California where she enjoys the sunny weather and making up stories about anthropomorphized farm animals. After spending years in the hustle-bustle world of Corporate America, she decided to follow her dream and dedicate herself to writing full-time. She hopes readers of all ages will enjoy reading about Raspberry Sassafras as much as she enjoys writing about her.