Raspberry Reads

Raspberry Sassafras is always on the lookout for new readers to share her adventures with, but she’s well-aware that she’s not the only character in the KidLit sandbox. Even a quick cruise around the interwebs reveals countless others deserving of their time in the spotlight. And though her spotlight illuminates but a small corner of the vast world of children’s books, she feels she would be remiss if she failed to recognize her fellow page-dwellers.

And so, Raspberry Reads was created as a place to shine her humble light on this cast of characters and the talented writers who created them. The goal is simply to open another avenue of exposure for books yearning to be read and to introduce readers to writers.

If the feature does well, you can look forward to more great content like author interviews and book reviews. So if you see something you like, click the button or leave a comment. And if you’d like your book to be part of Raspberry Reads, just let us know.

Being Fishkill by Ruth Lehrer
Maybe being named for a highway sign is a sign itself? BEING FISHKILL by Ruth Lehrer is “the year’s most heartwarming, heartbreaking teen novel …” Entertainment Weekly

Akea: The Power of Destiny by Elizabeth Jade
Akea is the captivating story of one husky’s journey to find her place in the world. Nothing and no-one will ever be the same again.

The Secret No-Girls Club by Rachel Cole
Caleb and Logan start a secret no-girls club, but they can’t agree on who gets to be president. They’re going to need some help–maybe even from a girl!

Beginning With Xs and Os: The Evolution of The Alphabet by Etta Zasloff
It’s a child’s first chapter book! Personified letters change, rearrange, and interchange as their stories of origin are told in whimsical verse.

When I Get To Heaven by Angela Pullen Atherton
When I Get To Heaven is an imaginative and beautifully illustrated introduction to the wonders of Heaven.

Pizza Woman by Gareth Barsby
Meet Lisa – she’s just like you and me…except that she has a pizza for a head.

Ollie Discovers the Planets
Ollie Discovers the Planets is fact, fiction and fun!

Gertrude and Toby’s Friday Adventure, by Shari Tharp
It’s Friday and Gertrude and Toby are looking for fun! Adventure ensues when they sneak off the farm and head for the candy store in town!

Ziggy’s Beans, by Dustin Corkery, Illustrated by Dimitrios Alexandre Lillios
Blast off with Zygi’s Beans! Little Zygi ate too many beans and ‘toot rockets’ into a black hole. Luckily, her alien friend, Rose, was around to help.

A Walk up Kinder Scout & Fun in Formby by Kate Robinson
Join Breezie Boo the Beagle in her adventures and watch her climb to the top of Kinder Scout or visit the woods and the beaches of Formby!

Kayla and Isaiah: Going to the Park and My Cat by Maria Rosario
Join Kayla & Isaiah on their trip to the park and see how the siblings play and get along well together. BONUS! My Cat is a cute mini-story about a frisky feline’s mischievous journey.

Cecilia’s Tale by Debbie Manber Kupfer
Cecilia’s on a mission to find a new human, but will she find the right one? She’s heard they’re very difficult to train.

Orangutan: A Day in the Rainforest Canopy by Rita Goldner
Spend a day in the rainforest canopy and fall in love with this adorable orangutan as he escapes predators, finds food, explores and learns.

Rainbow Monsters by Sylva Fae
They’re colorful, they’re fun … Say hello to the Rainbow Monsters!

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