Feature Img BOOKSThere are currently three Raspberry Sassafras books for your reading enjoyment, and descriptions of each, along with links to sample material from the books, are provided below. A fourth book is in the works, and more information will be posted as soon as a publishing date is determined. So check back for updates!

The books are available on Amazon in paperback or as eBooks. Be aware that I changed publishers fairly recently, so you may see some price variations. Please use the links below to reach the most recent version of each book and format.

About The Books –

In the first book, Raspberry Sassafras we meet Raspberry and Jane and join them exploring the big city together as Raspberry gets to know her new home. Along the way, Raspberry learns that life in the city is quite different from life on the farm, and the reader learns that there’s something very different about Raspberry; and that maybe she isn’t the simple little farm cow she seems to be. (Get the eBook) (Read a sample)

In Raspberry Sassafras: I Am A Cow, the second book in the series, Raspberry’s secrets have been revealed. But despite being the most unique cow in the city, when she visits a dog park, she learns that, no matter how much one wants to be part of a group, sometimes its hard to fit in. And, in return, she teaches others an important lesson in tolerance and acceptance. (Get the eBook) (Read a sample)

The third book, Raspberry Sassafras: The Famous Flying Cow (oops! spoiler alert!), finds Raspberry stuck in a quandary. After deciding not to call attention to herself and her special talents, she ends up in a situation that calls for sticking to her decision or taking important action. Her choice has profound results that throws her life into a whirlwind of action and adventure! (Get the eBook) (Read a sample)