Storyteller page picWelcome to Storytellers, where we will be featuring the work of young writers who are kind enough to share with us. We’re anxiously awaiting our first submission, maybe it will be you!

This isn’t a contest, it’s absolutely free and no one will be turned away.  The only requirements are that the work is original and the author is somewhere between preschool and high school. We accept works of fiction, non-fiction, poems, song lyrics … basically, if your artistic medium is words, we want to read and share them. And if you’ve done an illustration to accompany your work, that’s fantastic! We’ll include your picture with your feature.

Submitting to Storytellers is easy. Just fill out the contact form and let us know that you’ve got something to send us.  We’ll get back to you quickly and give you the details about what we need. If you’ve got any questions, you can ask them using the form, too.

Thanks for visiting Storytellers and we look forward to reading your stories and poems!

Fly Story
by Tom, age 7, Australia