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Storytellers: Fly Story

I am so happy and thrilled to have the first submission to Storytellers to share with you. Fly Story comes from Tom who is seven years old and lives in Australia. I love his story and I think you will, too. Please use the Like button and comments section to let our first storyteller know… Continue reading Storytellers: Fly Story

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Perhaps I Whined Too Soon … plus Bonus News!

Yesterday I published a bit of a good news/bad news post. The good news was that my site's new feature, Raspberry Reads, was doing well and people were submitting their books to take advantage of the opportunity to have them promoted, no strings attached. The bad news was that my other feature, Storytellers, was doing… Continue reading Perhaps I Whined Too Soon … plus Bonus News!

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A Whole New World

I've always considered writing a somewhat lonely business. Not the actual writing part. When a story is coming together, when the words are flowing, I'm in the zone. I can sit by myself and happily bang away on the keyboard for hours. Writing, editing, rewriting, polishing that gem until it's as perfect and shiny as… Continue reading A Whole New World

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Where Are My Young Writers?

I wrote my first "book" in the second grade. It was a stack of stapled-together sheets of construction paper filled with a handwritten story called Life With Sam, The Great Ape. My best friend and I were obsessed with all things primate and each dreamed of being the next Jane Goodall. Just about everything we… Continue reading Where Are My Young Writers?