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Storytellers: Fly Story

I am so happy and thrilled to have the first submission to Storytellers to share with you. Fly Story comes from Tom who is seven years old and lives in Australia. I love his story and I think you will, too. Please use the Like button and comments section to let our first storyteller know… Continue reading Storytellers: Fly Story

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Perhaps I Whined Too Soon … plus Bonus News!

Yesterday I published a bit of a good news/bad news post. The good news was that my site's new feature, Raspberry Reads, was doing well and people were submitting their books to take advantage of the opportunity to have them promoted, no strings attached. The bad news was that my other feature, Storytellers, was doing… Continue reading Perhaps I Whined Too Soon … plus Bonus News!

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Better Writer Than Illustrator

Great news! The final (I hope) draft of the fourth book in the Raspberry Sassafras series is complete! But as the hardest part of getting old is losing the ability to put on your underwear without falling over, for me the hardest part of writing is the illustrations. The reality is, at best, I'm a… Continue reading Better Writer Than Illustrator

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Storytellers Needed

Do you know a writer of stories? A teller of tales? Raspberry Sassafras will be featuring the stories and poetry of writers from pre-school through high school, in a new feature called Storytellers and we're looking for submissions. I've always loved writing and am lucky enough to have a family who encouraged me. Operating under… Continue reading Storytellers Needed